Vape devices

Are you one of those people who like to chase clouds in the form of vaping? However, with so many manufacturers in the market, sometimes it becomes extremely difficult, especially if you are new to the entire experience, to figure out the best vape devices to make clouds. Even if you have some experience in vaping but have yet to develop any interest to chase clouds until recently, then it would be a challenging task to find the right product. This is the reason you need some guidance to give you specific information about the right product and help you to make the right choice.

The three major factors that work toward the cloud density are conductivity, air flow, and the power supply. If any of these factors are not performing adequately then you would not get the desired cloud. Some vape devices produce better conductivity than others, but some devices do not have an adequate power supply that is needed for the cloud chasing. So, you need to have a vaping device that has plenty of holes to allow enough air flow, produces adequate power supply and comes with strong conductivity feature.

Regulated Mods vs. Mechanical Mods

Generally, mechanical mods work better for chasing clouds than regulated mods. However, some top brands of regulated mods work as effectively as the mechanical mods. For beginners, a regulated mod actually works better than a mechanical one. Sometimes, the mechanical mods are difficult to operate, as it needs a bit of experienced handling. Moreover, mechanical mods can become dangerous if the batteries do not operate properly. To do the desired cloud chasing you need to ensure that the batteries are safe, otherwise, you might end up getting hurt. Even if you use a mechanical mod, ensure that it comes with adequate vent holes for free air flow, otherwise it won’t perform well.

The most popular Mechanical and Box Mods

One of the best box mods is the Pro 150 manufactured by VGOD. This is a REGULATED mod, with a mechanical feature, that gives the best performance. These are the ultimate modern vaping luxury lifestyle. Made in the United States, these work with dual 18650 batteries and are made from brushed stainless steel, high-end carbon fiber plates, and chromed components, which greatly increases the conductivity. This strongly built mod is ultra-light in weight and can survive the most extreme environments. These can produce clouds at as low as 0.07 ohms and up to 150 watts.

However, if you are not interested in using a box mod, then you can try the ELITE MECH from VGOD. It has the best conductivity with the hard-hitting copper construction, along with copper framed carbon fiber switch (aerospace grade). It has a ‘flare grip’ chassis and a 510 hybrid connection, which ensures the maximum voltage performance. The elegant design also makes a style statement, equally matched by its durability and performance.

Now, with this information, you can start to cloud chasing with the best vape devices available. You can order these from reputed online retailers or directly from the manufacturer’s portal. A few days of practice would make you look as if you have been cloud chasing for years.