Our premium e-juice options are only limited to imaginations of our professional juice-makers!

Prepare to be spoiled with choices ranging from the regal VGOD BakLava Original, to the fresh VGOD Cocoa Nut or the crazier VGOD Sourlicious and even the silky smooth VGOD luscious. Here at VGOD we keep no stone unturned when it comes to the flavors of our e-liquids that are all manufactured solely in USA with a strive towards impact and excellence in terms of safe vaping.

But we understand that when spoilt with too many choices, it may be a hair-pulling nightmare to choose the right e-juice for yourself. The question that we hear almost every day is – “Which is the right e-juice for my tank”, and the answer to that question remains relatively the same – “It all depends…”

The confusion with choice of e-juice flavors arises due to several reasons. Most e-cig kit usually come with a few sample flavors to begin with, and one may or may not find a flavor they like. It is the sheer amount of choices that makes choosing the best e-liquid flavor a difficult decision to make. Then again most users keep away from buying an e-liquid flavor that they are not familiar with, fearing that they will be spending a hefty making a purchase of a product that will remain largely unused.

But here XLVape we take great care into coming up with flavors that will satiate all your flavor cravings, regardless of how quirky they may be. So, here are a few pointers that will help you choose a premium e-juice that is perfect for you!

  • Narrow down your choice flavors to a few you like the most. Evidently different people have different tastes, which is why there are so many varieties of e-liquid flavors.
  • Make sure you know everything about the product quality, because not all products are made with the same ingredients or even in good conditions. The rule of thumb to go by for selecting eliquids is also the same for the purchase of any other item – you get what you have paid for.
  • And finally, if you have the knack for it, then consider doing trial and error with flavors or even some DIY! Once you have narrowed down your choice of a few flavors, but are still not experiencing as per expectation, then you can get mixing and try your hands with some e-juice wizardry yourself. But it is strongly advised that you keep safety measures in mind and only try your hands in DIY experimentation after considerable research and understanding that goes into e-juice flavor cooking.

Variety of choice is just one more thing that makes vaping and e-cigarettes a great experience!

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