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Three words describe the TRICKTANK PRO RDTA RII by VGOD the best – Simplicity, Style and Effective!

If you love thick vapor clouds that breathe easy with no limitations to airflow, hitting hard with the right amount of flavorful vape within minutes, then the VGOD TRICKTANK is the tank coil you need to have. Our TRICKTANK is powered by dual coils, which helps them stay moist with e-liquids all the time for maximum kick of flavor. Built with a metal body, VGOD TRICKTANK COILS are created for optimum perfection to allow complete control over vape cloud formation within your hands.

The VGOD TRICKTANK is designed to take the whole vaping industry by storm. How so? It packs great features like a new type of coil, great air-flow and most importantly top filling feature. Now you need not worry about the airflow adjustment that does not click into place.

What most vapers look for in an upgraded model are – larger number of air holes, better heating capacity of the air tube, a higher tank capacity and larger filling holes. With a large surface area of a coil the advantage to vapers is that they get to the flavorful e-liquid fast. If you are looking to generate clouds then there is no better way to do this than using the TRICKTANK PRO. Dense clouds not always translate to a richer flavor better than any sub ohm clearomizers in the market, then again there is the annoyance of occasional refills. But with a bigger tank like ours which has a large tank capacity those hassles will not affect your vaping experience.
The VGOD TRICKTANK is also the best hardware for people who are seeking to quit smoking. Here’s why:

Most beginner vapers who trying to make the switch from vaping to smoking often look for a tank the offers them mouth-to-lung hits! Mouth-to-lung hits offer an almost similar drawing experience just like an analog cigarette smoking would, however, with the added the health advantage that comes with vaping over smoking. While most first-timers would prefer purchasing around 6-12 mg of nicotine containing e-liquids and lean mostly towards tobacco-containing e-liquids but it is advised they do check out for more unique flavors as well!


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