Suorin Drop Vape Product Distributor

Are you owner of a brick and mortar vape shop? Do you get customers who inquire about purchasing such devices that would guarantee them to blow whopping clouds? It is natural for most veteran vapers to go for cloud chasing. The satisfaction in putting out the desired amount of vapor is inexplicable. However, at the end of the day, what really matters is the robust, vivid flavor from an advanced setup, not huge clouds. Cloud chasing is fashionable, whereas getting the best taste out of your e juice is more important. So, how do you ensure your customers about maximizing the flavor? Simple, you need to give them the best device. In order to make your store popular, you need to find the right vape products distributor online.

Once you order the advanced devices from a reputed online distributor at wholesale rates, you need to understand how to tweak the temperature and wattage settings. If you can have in-depth knowledge on the subject, you can guide your customers in purchasing the right device. Adjusting the settings is the most effective way to improve the flavor you get from the vape juice. Different elements of juices come out in various settings of vape devices. How hot a coil can get depends upon the combination of the coil’s resistance and the setting. So, it is beneficial to have variable wattage or variable voltage options in a vaping device. You can start at a lower setting and gradually work your way up, till you hit your sweet spot. Each vape juice comes with its own sweet spot, and so you need to try out with each flavor. The temperature of the coil is also an equally crucial factor. Purchasing a device with temperature control limits the maximum temperature of the coil, thus making them perfect for flavor chasing.

If your customers are a cloud chaser, then bigger airflow is an important factor. When a lot of air goes through the coil, it makes the vapor less dense but produces giant clouds. But, you have a flavor reduction in this process. As a flavor chaser, the best approach is to close the airflow. This would produce a warmer, denser vape, which would carry a lot of flavors. If the vape device comes with adjustable airflow system on the atomizers, then this can be done easily. Having the right balance is important, because if the airflow is too closed off, then you would have poor vapor production, and the vape might be too hot. You need to start low and then adjust to higher airflow settings, until you achieve the ideal balance for your taste.

You also need to carefully choose your atomizer, as it determines the amount of flavor you would get from your electronic cigarette. Though personal preference varies from a person to another, in general, there are some basic rules that would let your customer enjoy the flavor the most. Nowadays, everybody is opting for bottom-coil atomizers and not the top-coil ones, as the former has the coil located at the central stem, and the wicks do not have to suck up the e juice up till the coil. 

These are the basic things you need to understand while ordering advanced vape devices from the distributor. If you are not too sure, you can also contact the customer assistance support and resolve your queries. In short time, your store would become the most popular one in the locality.