With the growing demand for vaping, many e-juice manufacturers have flooded the market with varieties of e-liquid brands, with appealing marketing strategies to make a strong client base of brand-loyal vapers. Nowadays, the trendiest and the most sought after e juices are the natural and organic ones.

Just like organic food, people prefer organic juices in the electronic vaporizers, as they render more health benefits. Though organic vegetables and fruits are easily available in every local store, you need to do a bit of hard work to find a top notch manufacturer that offers e-liquid with true organic ingredients. An organic product cannot contain any chemical in their ingredients. As per the standards set by the USDA, a store or a manufacturer needs to be certified by the National Organic Program of the USDA. As most ejuice vendors are not authentic manufacturers of organic products, you need to breakdown the e-juice and determine whether it is organic.

Propylene glycol or PG forms the base of an e-juice. PG is responsible for giving a strong throat hit. It also binds the flavor with the base of the e-juice. Propylene glycol is actually a synthetic compound, made in the laboratory. Though it is not chemically organic in nature, it still serves the same purpose. VG or vegetable glycerin is purely organic, as it is derived from the organic vegetables. Some popular e-liquid uses only VG as the base, which makes the e liquid purely organic. Some companies use artificial flavoring, to manufacture the e juices. As a result, you end up buying a product that is far from being ‘organic’. This is the reason, you should look for authentic reputed brands, which manufacture their products using all natural ingredients.

A small percentage of nicotine is added to the e juice, to give you a similar kind of taste as that of tobacco smoking. Though it still waits to enter the list of organic product as set by the USDA, nicotine can be organic and natural in nature. The reputed brands use handpicked natural tobacco to make the nicotine. Technically, the e liquids which use natural nicotine and organic vegetable glycerin, along with natural flavorings, can be categorized as pure organic. 

Significance of purchasing from branded organic e-juice manufacturers

Reputed online distributors offer organic vape e juice at competitive prices. These distributors either manufacture their own products or directly ship them from the factory to the warehouse. The e-juices thus manufactured are in full compliance with the regulations as set by the USDA. Apart from monitoring the ingredients, the US Federal regulations also keep a tab on the production process, the manufacturing facility, and so on.

These reputed brands extract methods that are in full compliance with the USDA specified organic standards. While making the purchase, you need to do a thorough research on whether a particular company is merely having organic ingredients in their juices or the manufacturing process handling those ingredients is organic as well. Once you are satisfied with the brand and its reputation, you can you can continue to order a regular supply of e-juices from them.